Assignment #10 edX

 I prefer to choose this one (The Einstein Revolution Course) . This course made by Harvard University. I like to choose this class because I think Mr. Einstein is the man who you must learn more about him. I think Einstein is the interesting one. Beside, he is a clever man , there are many interesting theory made by Einstein.And then , I like to know more about Einstein life and his work. Also the changing role of physics in the 20th and 21st centuries who made by Einstein. and then, I want to know more about Einstein's engagement with relativity , quantum mechanics , Nazism , nuclear weapons , philosophy , the arts , and technology , and many more . this course is really interesting.


Assignment 9 TED Talk

I prefer to choose 
 this one , because I think its the best from that 5 options.

5 words that I learned from this TED talk are :

1. Demanding = needing a lot of skill , patience , effort.
Our job in this new company is physically demanding.

2. Grit = the courage and determination that makes it possible for somebody to continue doing something difficult .
You must have a grit to through this way .

3. Ethic = Moral principles that control or influence a person's behaviour.
If you want to apply this application, you must follow the rules and the code of ethic.

4. Inversely = in a way that is opposite in amount or position to something else.
The temperature of a Saturnus is inversely proportional to its mass.

5. perseverance = the quality of continuing to try to achieve a particular aim despite difficulties .
That football team showed great perseverance in the face of difficult macth again the other big team.


Assignment #6 Steve Jobs

This is a link from Steve Jobs's speech in stanford University on 2005. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF8uR6Z6KLc

1. Dots = Text and graphics are printed at 200 dots per inch.
2. typhography = I think your new laptop has a good typhography.
3. Diverge = She diverged from established procedure.
4. Entrepreneurs = I want to be a success entrepreneurs as young as possible.
5. renaissance = The holywood movie industry is currently enjoying something of renaissance. 

Last week, our group had presented about Steve Jobs's life. I think Steve Jobs doing something cool and brilliant with his own life. Like our group's comment in the ending of presentation that we think we can make Steve Jobs's experience as our guide to reach our own dreams. It means we must follow our intuition, dont let people be a driver in your life. And I think i have a same vision with Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs looks like he is a very ambition. And i agree with his 3rd story about death, he said that our time is limited in this world, i i won't wasting my time, I want to be a success as soon as possible. 


Assignment #5 English Song

Actually, I don't have any one of my truly favorite song. But, I have a favorite singer, Michael Buble.
Basically, He is a Jazz singer, but sometimes he has a pop songs in his album too. This song released from one of his album named 'To be Loved' (2013). Talking about nationality, he is a canadian singer. But, in 2005, he became a naturalized Italian citizen. And last month, He announced that he will take a break from singing. Because, his son Noah (3 y.o) has a liver cancer. he decided to focus caring his son until recovered from an illness. And 3 sentences what I'm learned about this song is : love is blind, keep faith for your love, and when you got your true mate just accepted whatever and however she is. And why I like this song ? because this song's singer is Michael Buble.

1. Pour = Pour the hot water over the noddles.
2. harbor = there are many boats lay at anchor in the harbor.
3. mercy = God have mercy on us.

Michael Buble - Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes
Let me tell you all the reasons why
Think you're one of a kind.
Here's to you
The one that always pulls us through
Always do what you gotta do
You're one of a kind
Thank God you're mine.

You're an angel dressed in armor
You're the fair in every fight
You're my life and my safe harbor
Where the sun sets every night
And if my love is blind
I don't want to see the light.

It's your beauty that betrays you
Your smile gives you away.
Cause you're made of strength and mercy
And my soul is yours to save
I know this much is true
When my world was dark and blue
I know the only one who rescued me was you

Close your eyes
Let me tell you all the reasons why
You're never gonna to have to cry
Because you're one of a kind
Yeah, here's to you
The one that always pulls us through
You always do what you gotta do baby
Because you're one of a kind.

When your love pours down on me
I know I'm finally free
So I tell you gratefully
Every single beat in my heart is yours to keep

So close your eyes
Let me tell you all the reasons why babe
You're never going to have to cry baby
Because you're one of a kind
Yeah, here's to you
You're the one that always pulls us through
You always do what you got to do babe
'Cause you're one of a kind.

You're the reason why I'm breathing.
With a little look my way
You're the reason that I'm feeling
It's finally safe to stay!


Assignment #4 Six minute English

      After our CALL class last week. And also next week, we're gonna facing the giant, I mean our middle exam. So I prefer to choose this one , 'How to prepare for an exam'.
topic http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish/english/features/6-minute-english/ep-160616

     My summary for this Six minute English :
I prefer to choose this one because we're going to facing our middle exam on next week. This dialogue, between Alice and Rob its about 'How to prepare for an exam'. Alice said, we can prepare for an exam with summarising, highlighting or underlining text to help you remember it.But, John Dunlosky, Professor of Psychology at Kent State University said that trying to memorise the material is not enough, because you need to do something with it, for example like making flashcards of critical or important concepts and then testing yourself on them. This is called distributed practice.


Assignment #3 ESL Podcast

          After Our CALL class last week, I explored the other Podcast listening section to train my English, I prefer to pick this one https://www.eslpod.com/website/flash_player.php?issue_id=16992789 , lets check it out !

My comment on ESL Podcast is :

          I prefer to choose this one (ESL Podcast 1121 - Outdoor Sun Protection), because , I dont know. I dont have a reason why I choose this one. Just my random intuition. The dialogue in this part is between June and Walley about making sure you protect your skin when you are outside. I think the content is not good enough, I think is bored dialogue between these two people. This dialogue, is about June reminded Walley to use skin protection when he is outside. In the beginning, Walley said he used sunscreen, so he dont want to use sun protector again, but in the end, Walley said yes he will use it because he think it will helpful.


Assignment #2 Listening section

About our class on October 11, we discussed about listening section. And also we doing exercises about listening. First, we discussed about how difficult listening is, and what part in the listening that we feel hard?. Maybe I agree with English Vocabulary that we can't understand all of that things. but, the solution is, we can only listen the key word of part of listening section, and it will very helpfully. and about the exercises we do, we must listen very carefully about the question , and also this part is same things again listening part of TOEIC exam, and also it will helpful our TOEIC to be good. I'm very happy joining this class, thankyou very much !

example :

1. Fancy = the synonym of feel like
Do you fancy going this afternoon?

2. Trimmed = to make something neater, smaller,better, etc.
I trimmed 4 cm off the carton, so it become smaller. 

3. Attorney = the synonym of lawyer.
My father's job is attorney, so he can debate very well.

4. Unified = to join people , together.
The Candidate of the president of the United States, Donald Trump hopes to unify the African-American people.

5. Literacy = the ability to read and write.
there is a campaign to promote adult literacy in that house.